Every time workers try to unionize, employers do the same old song and dance.


Look for these tunes:


LETTERS HOME: All of a sudden, employers become very concerned about you and the welfare of your family.  They may begin sending letters to your home designed to be read by both you and your family.


WHISPER CAMPAIGNS: These are concerted efforts by anti-union managers and workers to spread rumors and plant seeds of fear among their co-workers. Often no one knows where the information comes from…but it spreads quickly.


CAPTIVE MEETINGS: The pandemic has changed this method a bit, so instead of herding of workers into a meeting room during working hours to listen to an anti-union speech, employers are finding other ways to require you to attend meetings and listen to an anti-union message. Their primary purpose is for their hired professional persuaders to disseminate false or misleading information meant to discredit the union.


PROMISED OR TOLKEN IMPROVEMENTS: Employers often try and rebuild trust by promising that change is coming. They may install suggestion boxes or even make unexpected improvements to your working conditions. The problem is that without a legally binding union contract, these improvements can be taken back at any time. Then it’s back to business as usual.



Open to all non-management MAM staff


Time: Thursdays & Saturdays, 6:00—7:00pm

       Location: BlueJeans virtual platform—for an invitation please:

DM our Facebook page: IAM MAM UNION or email Anne: annewiberg@gmail.com


For more information, please contact Anne Wiberg, IAM Organizer at 414-305-8486.