Our Story

Our Story

We are the workers who make the Milwaukee Art Museum a world class institution.  

In November 2020, we won our historic union election with 72% of the vote. On December 22, 2021, we voted to accept our first contract.  Now we’re enforcing it.

We are passionate art advocates who believe that MAM is a vital source of inspiration and education for the people of Wisconsin.  We also understand where MAM’s vision often falls short.

In December 2020 and January 2021, we surveyed our members about what matters most to them. Here are our priorities:

  • fair and living wages commensurate with assigned work;
  • stronger health and safety protections on the job;
  • a workplace that fosters diversity and equity in the workplace;
  • improved job security;
  • increased access to health insurance;
  • enhanced career development; and
  • a reduction to high employee turnover.

Our mission reaches far beyond these objectives, but this is the core of what we’re fighting for. We cannot sustain ourselves on the prestige of working at Wisconsin’s most recognizable cultural institution.

We are the Milwaukee Art Museum and we are Milwaukee.  There is beauty in a world where fundamental human rights are respected, human needs are met, and democratic principles are elevated. 

When people organize around a mission of well-being for each other, extraordinary things can happen.  Our combined creativity and strength make MAM stronger and better poised to face the challenges of the future.

Do you support in these goals and work at MAM? Join your fellow workers and join the union today!

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