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Milwaukee Art Museum Seeks to Circumvent Union Vote

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Alex Hoekstra, Directing Business Representative  Cell: (920) 210-7754 Email: Date: October 22nd, 2020 Milwaukee, October 22nd, 2020 –  On October 20th, 2020, the Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) filed a request to review the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) Region 18’s Decision and Direction of Election in an attempt to circumvent […]

Join The Wave Too!

MAM workers are not alone in their desire for a voice in how their institutions are run and in how workplace policies are crafted and carried out. The union effort at MAM is part of a larger wave of art museum organizing that is sweeping across the country. In addition to the many museums that […]

You Are The Union

By unionizing with the IAM, your voice and vote will be amplified at MAM.   We are a union where democracy is practiced and protected. As an IAM member, your participation makes a difference. ————————————————————— AS A MEMBER: You ELECT your Local Lodge Union Officers, Negotiating Committee, Stewards and International Union Leaders   You DECIDE […]

The Same Old Song and Dance

Every time workers try to unionize, employers do the same old song and dance.   Look for these tunes:   LETTERS HOME: All of a sudden, employers become very concerned about you and the welfare of your family.  They may begin sending letters to your home designed to be read by both you and your […]

Campaign Update 9-19-2020

When MAM submitted their Statement of Position (SOP) to the National Labor Relations Board on 09-14-2020, they requested a manual, in-person election to be held at the museum. We strongly disagree with this position due to the current furlough of MAM staff and the safety risks posed by the pandemic.  We underscore our request for […]

The Union Difference

One anti-union message that employers often use is that workers and their unions have no power to change things.  Don’t fall for it.  By organizing with the IAM, you and your co-workers will be able to wrestle away some of the unilateral control that MAM currently has over your jobs and livelihoods.  MAM workers need […]


“A community is democratic only when the humblest and weakest person can enjoy the highest civil, economic, and social rights that the biggest and most powerful possess.” —A. Philip Randolph   “Until you have a seat at the table, you’re probably on the menu.” —Elizabeth Warren   “The reinvention of daily life means marching off […]

CONGRATULATIONS! You Made it Happen – Your Petition was Filed!

Your election will be held!  The petition for your secret ballot election was filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) office in Region 18, Minneapolis, MN. This is a direct result of you and your co-workers standing up to say enough is enough and to demand a seat at the table. You had the […]