We won!

It is with great joy that we report the results from the union election today – we won our election with 72% of the votes cast!

The professional staff voted in solidarity with their non-professional co-workers and chose to form one wall-to-wall bargaining unit with the non-professional staff by 68%.

This brings to a close the first phase of our long, historic fight to make our voices heard at MAM.  We are now ready to move full steam ahead, together, into the next phase of representation, in which we bargain our first contract with MAM.

In the coming weeks we will send out a bargaining information request to MAM management, distribute the bargaining survey to bargaining unit members, and elect our bargaining committee.  We will communicate about these next steps through email, Facebook, and on the IAMMAM website.

In the meantime, look for emails and postings from us about a virtual celebration on Saturday, November 21, 2020. We can’t wait to celebrate with you all.


IAM MAM Organizing Team