WE WON! MAM workers vote for a wall-to-wall union with 72% of the vote.

Thank you to all our community supporters, former MAM staff, and allies who have supported us while on the journey.

Who We Are

We work in every capacity at the museum: in Visitor Services, Food and Beverage, Education & Programs, Information Systems, Facilities, and more. We are seeking improved labor relations through collective bargaining and a partnership with management that will finally help the Milwaukee Art Museum’s strategic vision become a reality.

In 1888, on opposite sides of the country, both the IAM and Milwaukee Art Museum made their beginnings. The two organizations have since shared the common purposes of improving the lives of their members and the communities they serve.

The durability of these two institutions is a testament to the strength of their missions and the vital need for both over the last 132 years. The employees who work at the Milwaukee Art Museum represent an important intersection between these two organizations. Today, a majority of non-management MAM employees want to expand and cement that relationship.

(the beautiful poster on the left was contributed by MAM's own Sophia Barbour)


Winning with a 72% margin is an excellent mandate as we move into the bargaining process. Stay tuned for more info.

Latest News & Updates

Updates from our campaign, below.


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