MAM Workers have a right to equity in the workplace. It’s not up for debate.

We MAM workers are proud of our jobs and of where we work, and we stand proudly together with our coworkers.  As MAM employees, we’ve dedicated ourselves to service, creativity, and hard work because we love the institution, our coworkers, and the public work that we do. However we often settle for below-market compensation and ever-changing work duties because of how much we appreciate working at the Museum.

If you were living in your dream home, and one night the roof sprang a leak, would you move away? Or would you stay and fix it?

We organize today to fix that leak, to make MAM a more sustainable place to work, and to build a more inclusive and just future. All of us at MAM know that we have a responsibility to the Milwaukee community. The chance of fulfilling that responsibility is what draws us to this work. When the needs of all MAM workers are met, we are empowered as members of the greater Milwaukee community. At the same time, we are empowered to do the work that serves the community we love.

Longstanding issues require long-term solutions. We need promises to be kept, and we believe a union contract is the only way to achieve that. We deserve a say in the decisions that impact our lives and livelihoods.

We stand in solidarity with all our MAM coworkers, across all departments.

We promise to lift one another up. Our solidarity is our strength.