It is always better to have a seat at the table so that you don’t end up on the menu! By supporting your union, you will have the ability to negotiate a contract with MAM in order to have a real, sustainable voice on the job!

Along with your IAM Representative, the committee you select to be at the negotiation table will enter into contract negotiations with MAM. Your negotiating committee’s goal is to secure an agreement that protects the worker’s interests and a better future. You work hard to make MAM successful. It’s time MAM recognizes your hard work with a union contract!

Here is how to show support for your union:

  1. Sign an IAM Authorization Card – paper hard copy, OR
  2. Sign electronically, online at (this is a secured site)


MAM Workers! Sign Here


Please stay tuned for the campaign’s NEXT STEPS on Monday, August 17, 2020, via:
Or here on IAMMAM.ORG

For more information, please contact:
Anne Wiberg, IAM Organizer
at 414-305-8486 or

MAM Justice on the Job PDF