Our Process

Next Steps:

We’ve been organizing behind the scenes for months. Now we’re ready to bring our struggle into the open air.

  1. MAM workers sign a union authorization card or petition.  This shows your support for the union and is your official request to be represented by the IAMAW for purposes of collective bargaining.

Because of COVID19 health concerns, MAM workers can choose to sign a hard copy paper card or an Electronic Authorization Card (eCard.)  Both are legal documents that will be used to demonstrate your support for union representation with the IAMAW.

Important: Furloughed workers are eligible to join the union.

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Want to sign a paper application instead? Contact us!

  1. Seek Voluntary Recognition.  After a strong majority of MAM workers sign union authorizations cards we will request voluntary recognition from MAM management.  Voluntary recognition is a simple process where MAM acknowledges the intent of its employees to collectively bargain by accepting and verifying the union authorization cards.  It eliminates the lengthy NLRB election process that is stacked in the employer’s favor.

(Employers often argue that an election is the only fair way to achieve representation. It is not. The current NLRB has been issuing decisions for the past 3 years that have, in almost every instance, favored employers and made it more difficult for workers to organize.  That is why employers prefer the NLRB election process.)

  1. Bargain.  Once MAM recognizes the union, MAM workers will elect a bargaining committee and fill out bargaining surveys to help the bargaining committee prioritize worker issues at the negotiation table.  Once an agreement with MAM is reached, union members will vote to accept or decline the contract.  Only after the first contract is ratified will members begin paying dues.